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Life is like video games

Life can be compared to many things, but I think that most simply, life can be compared to video games! I will illustrate this point with reference to a few of my personal favourite games:

Life is like Pokemon

We all like to “catch ’em all”, if you catch my drift… We want it all! We strive to look like celebrities, have bodies like swim-suit models, be richer than Gates and smarter than Einstein. We sometimes try so hard to “catch ’em all” that we totally forget to work with what we’ve got. Often when we get to our battles in life, we realise that we have to face our challenges with a Glefairy, Meowth, Drowzee, Gyarados, Jynx, and Skitty…

Glefairy: Sure beauty is a nice and rare thing to have, but when it gets down to have, but when it comes down to serious matters of the heart and personal relationship, your only attacks are pound and double-slap…. Believe me when I say, these attacks do not make your problems go away!

Meowth: Money is an amazing thing to have and makes a lot of thing in life so much easier, but in the end Payday only does so much damage! On so many occasions have I seen that money doesn’t by class and it doesn’t make a good master either….

Drowzee: Sure one can project a false image out in to the world and hypnotise everybody with a false sense of who you are, but when you get into bed at night and you contemplate your day, did your hypnosis really work on you? Or is the effect of your insomnia just too great and acceptance of a false-self inevitable?

Gyarados: I’m sure people think they’re great and maybe even intimidating when they flap their huge mouths around, but in the end we all know that deep inside they’re just a bunch of pathetic little Magikarps!

Jynx: Having big lips help when you plan on performing the lovely kiss on somebody’s ass, but other than that having the quality of Jynx as an ass-kisser doesn’t help too much in life!

Skitty: Sometimes we need the tiniest bit of charm to get a helping hand going, but charm is nothing more than a superficial characteristic, which doesn’t help much if the people in your life are just tired of always having to bail your charming ass out!

There are other characteristics that are really underrated such as knowledge, wisdom, fairness and integrity, which are far more useful. Having these characteristics is actually an accomplishment in itself.

Life is like Mortal Kombat

Life is full of pointless fighting…. Sometimes I think life is a pointless fight! You go through life meeting people who are just “out to get you” for no apparent reason! That just pisses me off and I say fuck their shit up on your way to the top! Opponents you may come across:

Kano: The two-faced friend whose attacks from behind may drive you into submission and who you really have to watch out for!

Smoke: The opponent whose attacks come from out of nowhere leaving you asking: “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?”

Reptile: The invisible enemy with the inherent ability to screw you over with some nasty kicks in life, without you being able to identify the source of your misery….

Baraka: The guy with a mug that even mother doesn’t love…. He’s just out there to kick your ass as a way of assuaging the pain of being such an ogre!

Mileena: The person with the mask on seems pretty nice at first glance, but when the mask comes off, Mileena will chew you up and spit you out!

Scorpion: The enemy who just keeps making you go over there, just to punch your block off

Sindel: The big mouth bitch whose all bark and no bite

Liu Kang: The self-righteous prick who only makes you feel inadequate

Bo Rai Cho: The drunkard who makes your life miserable and brings you down by embarrassing the living daylights out of you.

Motaro: The enemy so vile that you don’t know whether he is more man than beast or more beast than man….

Sub-Zero: The icy personality who just perpetually treats you badly without remorse….

Noob Saibot: Those enemies who come in gangs, who just don’t have it in them to fight alone!

Shao Kahn: Now this is the enemy that I truly hate…. The enemy that fights unfairly and laughs at your despair, but remember that the aim of the game is to fuck his shit up!

I believe in the old school fair fight… Don’t back the opponent into a corner and kick the shit out of him… Battle slowly and with tactics! When the sound comes: “Finish him!” The ultimate fatality is a special fatality… A fatality called karma and karma is a bitch!

Life is like God of War

Every single one of us can be the Kratos of our own lives…. Where friends and foes are abundant! We make huge mistakes and feel as though we need to atone for something or the other. We find ourselves in elaborate labyrinths which are so difficult to get out of that we just wish we could just fast-forward to the next chapter. We have riddles to solve with logic, knowledge and wisdom. Sometimes we plain and simply just don’t know what to do…. Our enemies are overwhelmingly intimidating and know some fancy tricks in battle; they seem almost godly. We have an ultimate goal, which sometimes get clouded by the lust for revenge and by our need to be atoned. We are tough on the outside only because we need to be and will strike down anybody for the sake of striking them down only… We are selfish creatures who sometimes get so enthralled in our feelings of injustice that we go into a mad rampage of self-destruction!

Unlike God of War, your opponents are not gods, sitting on the pantheon, screwing their sisters and being fed grapes all day long. We as humans are born with the gifts of the “gods” pre-programmed into our minds, spirits and souls; nobody can tale that away from you once they’re angry! Life is just awesome!

Life is like Gran Turismo

We have to get all of the shitty things out of the way before we get to the fun stuff! We have to get our primary school “license” before we can do our high school “license.” For those of us who would like to do even more advanced things and enjoy other things too, we need to complete our university “license” too… Once all this is done, we get to the things that make life worth living!

We get to have babies (luckily we also get to make them!) We get to be married! We get to be independent! We get to get inebriated and have the time of our lives!

My friend, Chris van der Merwe, taught me that its the small nuances of life, that make this big thing so beautiful! The experience of life is life-changing… It’s simply beautiful and amazing!

While you get your licenses in life, you will be given a certain car to do it in, but as soon as you have that license in hand… You get to choose the car in which you will experience life! If that car no longer suits you, luckily you get to choose another….

Life is like Tetris

It’s full of shitty music and sometimes the blocks you’re dealt just don’t fit!

Life is like Dr. Mario

There is a pill for everything!

Life is like the Sims

A perfect suburban house and a perfect family can be engineered…. People can have the perfect little lives and aesthetics help a lot, but in the end of the day, when you shut your computer down its easy to realise that its all a fallacy and your living a lie because life is not perfect and making it seem too perfect is like an advertisement that what lies beneath is a very imperfect life; the way it should be!

Now whoever said that games are just a waste of time and a form of brain-rotting clearly didn’t know wht they were talking about! Every game as everything else in life are full of lessons and as such are worth playing! Maybe this will make you think about the game your playing next time… I hope it does, because games, like the other small nuances of life are awesome!!!

There's a pill for everything

There’s a pill for everything

The block that never fits

The block that never fits

Gotta catch 'em right!

Gotta catch ’em right!

Luckily if you don't like the car you're driving now, you can choose another

Luckily if you don’t like the car you’re driving now, you can choose another

You are the Kratos in your life story

You are the Kratos in your life story

The wonderfully wise Chris van der Merwe

The wonderfully wise Chris van der Merwe

The aim of the game is to fuck his shit up!

The aim of the game is to fuck his shit up!



2 thoughts on “Life is like video games

  1. Wise words my friend

    Posted by Aidan | May 15, 2011, 6:00 pm
  2. Brilliant!

    Posted by Monique | May 19, 2011, 8:50 am

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