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New World Order of Political Correctness

Hundreds of years of discrimination and oppression has left a bad taste in the mouths of many people. For this reason, we have created this wonderful little thing called political correctness…

The aim of political correctness is to avoid situations where a person feels insulted by what another categorises them as. Words such as African-American, Caucasian and handicapable became important words to add to a person’s (see I couldn’t day man right there) vocabulary. Maybe pc terms have changed the world a better place, but I feel that certain terms still need substitution and as a result, I will offer possible substitutions:

Wrong: Saying that a woman is butch is hurtful and very rude
Correct: Say that the woman is handsome

Wrong: To call somebody a loser is not cool
Correct: Call them the really unfortunate

Wrong: Calling somebody overweight still doesn’t make it sound better
Correct: Just say they are twice the man/woman

Wrong: Calling people over 70 years of age don’t need to hear how they are “old” or “elderly” everyday; their bodies constantly do that
Correct: Say oxygen thief, it makes their life sound adventurous

Wrong: Don’t ever call a woman a radical feminist! It makes them sound important somehow.
Correct: Dike should suffice

Wrong: Rape has such bad connotations, don’t use the word
Correct: Surprise sex is more appropriate

Wrong: Don’t say a person is ignorant, since that term is really riddled with judgment
Correct: Call them purposefully stupid

Wrong: Don’t ever call a person a bigamist or a polygamist
Correct: Call him Mr. President

Wrong: Don’t call people who have sex with children molesters, since that word enrages most people
Correct: Just say they are papal romantics

Wrong: Don’t call African countries poor, underdeveloped, corrupt or backward
Correct: Blame it ALL on the colonial powers

The United Nations had a world-wide poll about what your opinion was about the lack of food in the rest of the world…. The poll failed on account of four things:

*In Africa nobody knew what food was

*In Eastern Europe nobody knew what an opinion was

*In Western Europe nobody knew what “lack of” was

*In America nobody knew what the rest of the world was

Lastly, what exactly makes certain words more “dangerous” than others? Just stop being a bunch of fag… bum… Hom… See you can’t even insult somebody without being politically incorrect anymore!



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