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Actors That Make Movies Worth Watching

Ever notice how some actors in the cast list of a movie just make you want to watch it? Some actors just have it in them to make a porno movie win an oscar! No self-respecting individual could ever hate the following actors, unless they thenselves are actors that want to be this awesome:

Meryl Streep

I’m not even gonna beat around the bush… this woman is the best thing to happen to Hollywood since the invention of the video camera! I will sing her praises forever and a day long! With her roles ranging from movies such as Mamma Mia, The Devil Wears Prada, It’s Complicate, Julie and Julia, Death Becomes Her to one of my favourite movies ever: Music of the Heart! Roles I’d like to see her play include: Batman, Beatrix Lestrange, Frodo, Malcolm X and Queen Victoria, because let’s face it, this woman can pull off any role at all!

Sir Anthony Hopkins

For the past 1000 years sir Anthony has been making movies that one just can’t stop watching over and over and over again! Yes, I’m referring to the likes of Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, The Red Dragon and Thor…. Sir Anthony is such an asset to any film-maker, that they are probably out looking for the philosopher’s stone. Or the fountain of youth, just so that he can make movies for another 1000 years!

Natalie Portman

Whether looking like a harajuku girl gone wrong is the Star Wars franchise or being a ballerina in Black Swan or a scientist in Thor, this woman knows her stuff! She is also a looker,which helps being noticed! When she smiles, I go all wobbly in the knees and all my problems just fade away; she has that effect on people!

Johnny Depp

Now this is an actor! Need I really say more, I mean really, come on! Pirates of the Caribbean, The Astronaut’s Wife, Sweeney Todd, Blow, Alice in Wonderland, Cabin Fever and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory… Now need I say more?! Ja okay fine, I’ll admit that Blow was a shit movie, but I mean that guy can act! Yes, he usually plays a freak, but that’s what makes him SO damn brilliant!

Brittany Murphy

The ultimate crazy girl! After seeing movies such as Girl Interrupted, Don’t Say a Word and Riding in Cars With Boys, you’ll be on the Brittany Murphy wagon along with me! Unfortunately (for those of you who didn’t know) she passed away on 22 December 2009 as a result of a cardiac arrest caused by pneumonia… Long live her legacy!

Michael Douglas

He starred in The Game for goodness sake… THE GAME!!! Other roles that were quite good, would be roles portrayed in Wall Street and Don’t Say a Word… Oh I wanna kick throat cancer’s ass so hard right now! This actor makes me want to love a movie!

Susan Sarandon

Where the hell is this woman nowadays?! She made such awesome movies in the 80’s and 90’s, including Thelma and Louise, Stepmom and The Client…. I wish that she would make some more movies for my enjoyment! This woman is really VERY underrated!

Robert De Niro

This actor has starred in more than 70 movies during his career and with good reason too! Just a few of his movies include: Ronin, Casino and Everybody’s Fine… He was amazing in all these movies, but Everybody’s Fine changed the way I view the world! Amazing!

I have come to the conclusion that the reason that you will never see all of these actors in the same movie, is because of the fact that the sheer level of awesomeness will cause civil unrest in cities all over the world, since people will have a really difficult time to get into theaters and it will cause a global recession again, since whole countries’ economies will collapse, because of the out flow of money to Hollywood… I hope that this will not happen and as such, I have reasoned that this is why there is no such awesome movie!

The Game was Amazing!!!

The Game was Amazing!!!

The Ultimate Crazy Girl

The Ultimate Crazy Girl

Mamma Mia I love this woman!

Mamma Mia I love this woman!

May he grace us with his on-screen presence for another thousand years!

May he grace us with his on-screen presence for another thousand years!

What a freak he usually is!

What a freak he usually is!

I'd hire her a my lahhhyer too!

I’d hire her a my lahhhyer too!

Everybody wasn't fine! :o(

Everybody wasn’t fine! :o(



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