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The Feeling of Democracy

The competent  underdog

The competent underdog

Today is a very important day in the lives of every South African! We have our local elections and we have extremely important decisions to make!

On 27 April 1994 millions of previously disenfranchised people streamed to voting stations around the country; for the first time in their lives exercising the most important blue right to ever see the light of day…. Every South African knows that on that day, the ANC won the elections by a land-slide with 62.64% of the votes! The results were so discouraging, that most whites in South Africa were entirely disheartened and swore off voting for life.

Elections were held on a national level again in 1999, 2004 and again in 2009. On a local level they were held in 1996, 2001, 2006 and again today… From all previous elections, only 2 come to mind as “landmark” elections: the local election of 2006, where the DA took control of their first metropolitan area (Cape Town) and in 2009, when the DA took control of their first province (Western Cape.)

In 2009 many South Africans went to cast their vote yet again (so did I, for the first time) and what happened next was very disheartening: ANC wins with 65.9% of the vote! Cope gave us hope, but eventually died, as we realised that it had done more damage to the DA than to the ANC… I felt sick for a week! However, I got up and stuck with my party and today I had hope for the DA to take the 2 Metropolitans that I care about most: Ekurhuleni under Shelley Loe and Tshwane under Brandon Topham…

I am also hopeful that when the results come out tonight or tomorrow Cape Town, Nelson Mandela Bay and Johannesburg will see a DA victory, but I know that I will be both happy and sad at the same time! The ANC always seems to disappoint when results when the results are released, but luckily, the DA as the competent underdog is happy to take whatever it can get!

Many a South African in pseudo-support of the DA will not vote today, since “we don’t have a hope of winning.” If these people were literate at grade five level (thus excluding the current state president) they would understand the simple process of an election:

You + voter registration + 15 minutes of your precious time = 1 vote

Parliament = 400 seats

If 400 000 people were to go to the polls:

400 000 ÷ 400 = 1000 votes

Thus for every 1000 votes that a party receives, they obtain 1 seat in parliament! The legislature as the law-maker in the country is the one who actually runs the country and as such, if you don’t vote, your party loses power!

More seats = more power!

So my message to non-voters is as simple:

No vote = no moan!

You never gave a party the responsibility of looking out for you! As a result of this, the ANC will most probably be your master and my master for another 5 years! Thanks for nothing! If you have to moan about the state of the country and you didn’t vote: I hope they steal your pension someday…

Its not the ANC’s voters that win the elections, its the DA’s voters that lose it, since we stand alone against the tides of ANC voters… That’s the feeling of discouragement… That’s the feeling of democracy!



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