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DA Victories Local Elections 2011

The DA is my party and I just thought it appropriate to boast about some of their victories as they become available:


The DA already held this municipality in Gauteng before the 2011 elections and reclaimed victory, despite the ANC’s premature celebrations on election night! Not only that, but the DA also claimed Ward 1, which is a classic ANC stronghold!


The DA also held this municipality in the Eastern Cape (the home province of the ANC) before the 2011 election and claimed it once again, beating the ANC: 55.37% to 44.63% and claiming 4 seats over 3 of the ANC!

Breede Valley:

It comes as no surprise that the DA took a municipality in the Western Cape… I’m just so glad the people of this municipality realised that it would be the DA and not the corrupt ANC that would deliver what is needed! Winning outright with a majority of 54.1% of the votes, the DA is sure to deliver!


The DA takes Paarl! With yet another outright majority of 58.45% of the total votes! What an intelligent electorate!

Western Cape:

Let’s just keep it simple… The DA basically took all of the Western Cape; including:

Saldanha Bay: DA won 15 seats to ANC’s 8

George: DA took 25 of the 49 seats *whew close call*

In Bergriver, Overstrand, Swartland, Threeriverskloof, Mossel Bay and West Coast District Municipality the DA managed to win by a clear majority of more than 50% in each.

Cape Town:

Well duh! To all the doom prophets out there, of course the DA had a victory in Cape Town! I bet these 10 years of DA rule will go down in history as the best 10 years a metropolitan has ever had in this country…. May Cape Town be an example to all other metropolitans in this country! Oh how I envy Cape Town (and the entire Western Cape for that matter!) 60.92% of Cape Town made a decision that proves that only 39.08% of Capetonians are morons… Far less than the average for this country, being more than 60%.


In Hillcrest, Pretoria the DA got 482 votes, ANC 135 and the VF+ 15

In Belgrave Park the DA received 1237 votes as opposed to the ANC’s 331 votes

The DA has taken 38 of Tshwane’s 105 wards

DA took ward 72 in Ekurhuleni off the ANC

DA won ward 2 in Koukamma, Eastern Cape from the ANC, which is its first ward in this town ever!

DA increased their votes in ward 40 of Johannesburg (Orlando West, Soweto) from 116 in the previous election to 1646 in this one

DA took both ward 10 and ward 19 off the ANC in the newly formed Buffalo City Metropolitan

DA won ward 71 Chatsworth from the MF

DA grows from 11 to 17 seats in Steve Tshwete Municipality in Mpumalanga

The DA made headway into the Transkei by getting 2 seats in Port St Johns and 1 in Flagstaff

The DA may have lost Nelson Mandela Bay, but at least they showed a major improvement by taking 28 of the 60 wards, up from 11 in 2006, which means they took no less than 17 wards from the ANC! Nicely done!

Although the DA has also lost Tshwane, the sweet sweet scent of ANC fear is incensing, since the DA’s support has shown a growth of 2% and ANC support has declined by 7%.

The DA increased its support in 78% of municipalities in South Africa and grew by a staggering 17.8% in the Western Cape! The next highest increase was in the Northern Cape, where it grew by 8.25%. Then North West where it grew by 7.46%. Free State where it grew by 6.84%. And lastly Gauteng where support increased by 6.65%. All in all, the DA gained support in all nine provinces.

The DA gained 133 wards from the ANC and only lost 5 to them…

The DA officially has 20% of black voters on its side, which proves that many South Africans are moving away from racial politics to value-oriented politics.

There is one more victory DA victory that made me rofl… This was when DA’s resident “tea girl”, Lindiwe Mazibuko had mr. ANC Youth League himself, Julius Malema running scared! This woman is simply amazing and I hope that someday she may lead this country to a DA victory…. In my humble opinion, she will be the Helen Zille of the future and I personally hope she is!

You might be thinking that this is extremely bias… I am bias duh! If you want to see good news for the ANC look at the map of South Africa and you’ll see all the good news you need!



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