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It’s not a Year… Moron!

In Latin languages and in English one finds many different words that kind of sound the same… Each referring to a period of 52 weeks, 365 days or 12 months…

One speaks about an annual salary, refering to the total sum of money earned in 1 year.

One’s earnings are calculated per annum, a total sum of money for a 12 month period.

In Spanish the word for 1 year is año.

The Latin word for year is annus.

French has 2 words for year: an and année.

Anno is how Italians say year in their language.

The Portuguese refer to year as ano.

So could anybody please tell me HOW THE HELL ONE CAN HAVE A 10 MONTH ANNIVERSARY?! You anus! And no anus does not have anything to do with a year!



2 thoughts on “It’s not a Year… Moron!

  1. You know… there ought to be a law against that 10 month anniversary crap! Seriously. Thank you for educating the clearly ignorant masses guy.

    Posted by Zoe | May 31, 2011, 8:13 am


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