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Perspectives on life

The Colour Green

There is nothing simple about life… Nothing absolute… Nothing definitive! Life, law and literature are all matters that are subject to interpretation. Oh how wonderful the idea of interpretation!

I am not a philosopher… by no means; not even a little! The term “philosophy” makes me think of rigid rules of interpretation and categories of belief! I don’t contemplate life or anything based on the basis of an “agreed-upon” standard, but of course, nobody REALLY does… Its a lie! Why lie?! We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are! That’s a universal truth! As such, I will not even attempt to write this post in pretentious language….

I believe in expressing personal convictions in writing and I feel strongly about the colour green! Oh, what’s that? RED is better? Screw you bru!

I once read that green is the colour of perfect neutrality when pertaining to the temperament of a person. Its not as furiously extroverted as red and not quite as placid as blue. Green is the bridge that connects these two temperaments…. People who are fans of green, usually have a very balanced temperament. Whether that is true remains to be seen…. As for me… It symbolises only one thing: GO!

Life is filled with roadblocks and interruptions. Life is only for the resilient. Life is for the predator, not the prey. Life is for those of us who can stand against the oncoming tide. Life is a matter of playing cards with the joker. We need to adapt to what is required…. God knows, life is complicated! But the key to life is the colour green!

I’ve had it rough, I’ve have it tough, but I just ran with the cards I’ve been dealt. But as things go, I found it deep within myself to live it up to the fullest…. How I love the colour green!

There is a Chinese saying that goes hand-in-hand with my personal interpretation of the colour green. It goes: “If you fall down 7 times, be prepared to get up 8 times.” This coupled with the colour green, gives meaning to the word resilience!

I realise that this post might seem frivolous to some and cheesy to others, but in the end it has a deeper meaning to me than anybody would care to understand. So if it’s not your cup of tea, maybe try a green one and understand where I’m coming from…

With a positive attitude and the colour green on your side, what’s there to fear? Who is there to stop you? What can go wrong? Only one thing… The inability to get up one last time! The failure to recognise your inherent ability to keep going!

Like Nike: Just do it (and GOOOOO!!!)



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