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Becoming Immortal

You know that saying: “Idle hands are the Devil’s playground” or something; I’m not good with sayings. I sometimes wonder just how much truth there is to that saying… I mean, I wonder what it’s really supposed to mean!

I’ll tell you what idle hands do to me. When I have nothing better to do with my time than to watch TV or play games or listen to music, I cannot help but yearn for a purpose! I wonder whether this makes me crazy because I start wondering how many people really wonder the same thing. I wonder not WHAT I’m here for, but how to do what I want to do….

I want to be constructive. I want to leave the world in a better state than the one that I came into. I want to change the world one life at a time. If you’re thinking “ja right” about now, you are a blatant pessimist. Now you’re gonna argue: “No I’m a realist!” Which makes me want to rebut that whole argument with a definition of the 2 terms.

A realist is somebody who sees a thing as it is, like you right? Wrong! A realist sees a thing as it is, not as he is. If a house catches fire with the roof on fire and everything and one makes the observation that the house will burn down, such a person would be called a realist.

A pessimist is somebody who disregards a tiny little thing called hope. When a candle falls over and the a tablecloth catches fire, the pessimist would disregard all possible hope and declare the house a scene of a horrific fire which wiped out the whole family. Such a person sees a thing not as it is, but as he is.

Anyway, back to my story… I drift off topic so frequently, like this one ti… Nevermind! I want to change the world one life at a time. The thing about me though, I want tangible results. I want to see a physical difference. When I give some money to a homeless person, that makes me feel good, in the short term, but I cannot see lasting results.

The thing is, I want to make a change so badly, but I don’t know how and I don’t know what and above all, I don’t know where to start, but I’ve known this since I was 12 years old and without this purpose, I cannot feel whole. When I was 12 years old, I dreamt up an organisation that would someday serve Africa with sustainable results. Results that would serve people, not nations, not governments, not personal ambitions, people…. It would provide housing, education and a solution to hunger. I dream of this so often, it scares me… Do other people dream of this? Was I “called” for this? Am I insane? Am I just a little optimistic Icarus, waiting for the sun to melt off my wax-fixed wings? Or are my hands just too idle?

When I am on my deathbed someday, I would not like to think that I made a difference, but that a difference has been made. By knowing this, I will be immortal. Not “my memory lives on” but that a positive change has been made by positive energy. An interesting thing… Energy… It cannot be made and it cannot be destroyed, it can only be converted into something more useful or something more terrible. It is the energy that we live our lives with that determines immortality, whether positive or negative; our energy will outlive us all…



One thought on “Becoming Immortal

  1. Interesting article. And yes, pessimists are extremely cowardly people. Coincidence; you found me reading the work of a great lady who wrote: “To say that the world is not worth anything, that this life is of no value, and to give evil as the proof is absurd, for if these things are worthless what does evil take from us?”

    Given the fact that attention is the purest and rarest form of generosity, then I guess becoming immortal is the achievement of a long and patient regime of attention.

    Here, this lady who died at 34 could hardly change the world but she did help some people change their minds (their lives occasionally). http://payingattentiontothesky.com/2010/04/14/the-introduction-to-gravity-and-grace-a-view-of-simone-weil/

    Oh and, it’s really reassuring to read those words. Too much people are busy worshiping the big animal.
    Nice chronicles, keep it up!

    Posted by Yassine | July 15, 2011, 11:50 pm

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