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The Colour Orange

Warning!!! This blog post is not for children over the age of 30!

I have always hated the colour orange. I hated it with a certain amount of inexplicable dread! I would have liked to erase orange from the planet, if I could and oranges would be called greens or would that make oranges limes? At any rate, we’re not here to talk about fruits!

Only recently have I discovered where this intense dispassion (if I may) for the colour orange stems from. The colour orange, to me anyways, symbolises a hate which I can only ascribe to my heritage… It represents to me, an ethnocentric false sense of self, propaganda, an unjust cause and shame. It represents to me all that is loathsome and all which is unfair. Yes, I went there… National Party… I hate you!

I am not only writing this because it goes against my moral grain to not recognise my history and heritage, but I write this because it’s personal!

By no means am I ashamed to call myself an Afrikaner, I’m quite proud in fact. One should however be very careful to not cross the thin line that exists between pride and ethnocentrism or even racism. The idea of an ethnocentric society or Mein Ras, if you will, should have died along with Nazi Germany back in 1945.

The Afrikaner as a descendant of the Dutch, can ascribe his fixation with the colour orange all the way back to the symbolism and significance that it holds, to this day, in the Netherlands. The Afrikaner has, however, tainted the colour and stripped it of all that is good.

Orange was the colour that signified the National Party and Afrikanerdom. They took power in 1948 and ruled the country with an iron-fist for the next 46 years. Then Hendrik Verwoerd started with his policies of segregation… Little did he know that the very legislation that would give the Afrikaner the right to divide land, rule people, oppress people, destroy hopes, lives and dreams, would ultimately deliver the death blow to Afrikanerdom.

Orange is also the colour that signifies the AWB… Wahahahahahahahahaha! All I can do is laugh at these useless fat, uneducated clowns! These are what the West would consider the people at the bottom of the food-chain! If they were to murder a person in the state of Texas, they would probably not get capital punishment, since the law requires a minimum IQ of 80 there…. Their futile attempts at a military coupe led to fat clown’s blood to fertilise the soil of the “enemy.” Then there was the attack which they led in Kempton Park, trying to disrupt the talks between the National Party and the Anfrican National Congress… Apart from the black journalist who screamed on camera: “They’re gonna kill me!” (to which I giggled a lot) the AWB yet again fought in futility! Then of course, one dare not speak of the AWB, without mentioning the day that their fearless “führer” fell off his horse in Ventersdorp! The AWB might well be the daftest organisation in the history of this country! They think that they garner the support of Afrikaners all over South Africa, but all 13 of their full body of members need to finish matric before the age of 60, before I’ll even consider joining! Wahahahahahaha! What a joke!

Of course the NNP (New National Party) was FAAAAAAAR better than their old peers! *giggle giggle* Kortbroek was not as popular as he was thought to be (by himself) and after his failed alliance with the Democratic Party he was once again relegated to the sideline and fell prey to the electorate’s despise of him. He then became a traitor and jumped into bed with the ANC, where he still serves as a member of cabinet! Minister of Tourism and Enviromental Affairs… Hey if everything that can be classified as Homo Sapiens hates you, stick to working with animals and plants!

Then today we have the Freedom Front (VF+)! They always succeed! Their greatest success being their ability to get fewer votes in each election!

Not only did Afrikanerdom alienate the people of South Africa, but it brainwashed its own people and invaded foreign lands to battle the “red danger”, which did not even really exist there! An unpopular war was fought throughout the nations of Namibia and Angola, for what exactly? Thousands of brainwashed young men died without a cause… Something which is clear from the fact that their names are left out from the walls at Freedom Park Memorial. Their names should be there. Side by side with the names of those freedom fighters that died for the cause that they believed in. They should be honoured along with the freedom fighters… Not as heroes, but rather as victims of the very regime they fought the unpopular war for…. Oh how I loath the National Party!

Thousands of young men were conscripted to fight this war which served no purpose. Many of them died in vain… For the vanity of Afrikanerdom! Those that returned were supposed to be disciplined young men, men of honour, heroes. Instead they returned maimed, if not physically, then psychologically and spiritually. They guzzle alcohol like there’s no tomorrow. Alcohol doesn’t fix thing, of course, but neither does milk or water. Through their efforts, the National Party tried to create strong independent men, but alas the men they sought to create were now nothing more than fragile human beings. My father left behind a wife and 2 daughters in South Africa, to go kill the dad of a similar family in Angola. But it’s ALL justified, they were “terrorists” after all, right? Whatever floats your boat!

South Africa is a country of 2 histories. There is “our” history and there is “their” history. There is no common history in this country… Yesterday was “our” history and today is “their” history. Whose history will tomorrow be? Will the history of tomorrow be “their” history, “our” history or for the love of God, will South Africa finally have a common history? I am certainly hopeful, but who knows what effect people like Julius Malema and Steve Stofseyr will have on the sentiment of South Africans.

This brings me to my conclusion: AFRIKANERDOM IS DEAD! So I would ask that the likes of Julius Malema keep their cave-sized mouths shut about “the agents” and their “Afrikanerdom.” I mean for fuck sakes! When Hitler died and Germany fell to the Allies, nobody kept warring against Germany… Nuremberg followed and the perpetrators were brought to justice. It’s over now! DONE! The third Reich has fallen and nobody keeps bashing Germany. So too has Afrikanerdom fallen. I would also like to ask Malema and his like to observe s16 of the Constitution, which CLEARLY prohibits incitement of violence.

I hate nationalism and all that it represents. In my eyes, in a country as diverse as South Africa, it doesn’t make sense in the least to rule the country for the benefit of some, to the detriment of others. I am no more an Afrikaner than a South African and I hope that someday more people would realise that such an attitude is the only hope that this country has!

Become a liberal, trust me, it works!



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