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The Colour Grey

*Lawyer standing in front of a clearly bewildered Kramer* “Mr. Kramer” he continues, “were you or were you not late for your appointment?” *pause* “Yes, but my son was sick and I had to…” *Lawyer interrupts with a clear disregard for curial courtesy* “Yes or no, Mr Kramer?”

Nothing in life is absolute. There is a white area. There is a black area. But I believe that there should be room for a grey area in this very limited spectrum of colours! So blasé!

So often one hears that somebody says “with me it’s only black and white, no grey area.” In other words, everything can be simplified as only “yes” or “no” or am I just not getting it? There are certain problems with such a philosophy… One can ask a heterosexual man for example, if he likes sex. He would in all probability answer “yes” and some may say “no.” If a question is asked in broad terms, such as the above question, then a whole host of problems are created for the black/white-minded person. Should a homosexual try to engage the said man in sexual relations, the heterosexual would say that he doesn’t bat for that team and a dilemma arises. If the affirmative to the sex question was white and the negative was black, then what would the colour for the decline of homosexual intercourse be? Hmmm? Yup you guessed it… GREY

With regard to black/white-minded, there are those that believe that anything can be conveyed in absolute terms (above) and those who fail to understand that not everything can be conveyed in absolute terms (below.) Later, mention must be made of the most irritating kind of black/white-minded person: The kind that believes that non-competitive concepts are mutually exclusive.

An inebriated black/white-minded man approaches a woman at a party: “Did it hurt?” He asks her, to which she inquires, “Did what hurt?” “When you fell from heaven.” The woman giggles at the cliché and after a while of talking she realises that he’s not her type. He then asks her whether she likes sex. To which she simply states “yes.” The black/white-minded man then says “well then let’s go.” The woman looks disgusted and says, “I like sex, but not with you.” GREY! Huge ass wisps of smoke erupt from the man’s ears as his brain churns to make sense of what he had just heard. He finally gathers himself and asks, “Are you a lesbian?”

In the above example, the black/white-minded man clearly cannot understand that somebody else can express themselves in conditional terms instead of absolute terms.

Damn that annoys the pants off of me!

Though my examples are extreme, they serve my purpose well.

The human is a being that is far too subjective to be able to always state everything in absolute terms. Thank God lawmakers were never black/white-minded people. Just imagine: getting the death sentence for bona fide self-defense. Because remember, capital punishment would be applied to murder in the broadest of terms.

I am constantly faced with having to explain myself to black/white-minded people who make idiotic deductions from what I said and I guess that’s why I hate the concepts of black and white so much.

There is also another kind of black/white-minded person; the kind that believes that non-competitive ideals or concepts are mutually exclusive. When I hear this kind of argument, I want to slam a person’s head into a wall! I want to throw things! I want to cut them! I will get loose because their stupid argument made me go temporarily insane!

A friend once told me that a person can’t like BMW and Mercedes at the same time. That argument was shot to shit the moment he said it! Says who?! I then proceeded in slamming his head against the wall, throwing things, cutting him and then got off on temporary insanity. Then my daydream ended….

Okay so that brings me to the conclusion of the black/white part… Now for the grey part!

I do believe in certain instances having only black/white views are acceptable and have their uses. The most important of these being certain areas of morals or value systems.

Either you would steal or you wouldn’t. Out of necessity? Well you either find yourself in the position where stealing is crucial for your survival or it isn’t. One may obviously make the decision whether a certain value falls in a black/white area or in a black/white/grey area.

One should also be careful not to apply black/white too readily to other people’s situations, in order to avoid looking like a fool later on.

I vote team grey! I think that life is much to interesting a thing to be just black or white. Let’s add that other all important monotonous colour to our world-view!

I like thinking about the things I hear and I like writing about what I think… So the more I hear, the more I write! That’s how a proper deduction is made!



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