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I was taught that the Republic of South Africa was my home. I remember memorising the provisions of the Freedom Charter (FC) that our governing party so proudly proclaimed. I remember the words in the FC stating very unambiguously “…South Africa is the home of all who live in it…” Does the ANC remember this?

I can hardly remember the last time that the words “freedom charter” were uttered on the political landscape or at least by a member of the ANC. I think “Terror” Lekota mentioned something about it when he started a party without any real direction, at any rate, he was the last one I remember mentioning it.

I have never supported the ANC, yet I have never opposed them either. I have always assumed that they are capable of ruling the country, but recently (or at since we got a president whose education credentials are hardly even existent) I have been more than a little worried.

In recent years, a new and dare I say, sinister man has come to the fore. A man named Julius Malema, or as we liberals like to refer to him, Juju. Julius has taken in a stance, which advocates a hatred for white people, blaming every ineffectiveness of the ANC on the white minority of South Africa.

The ANC is a party that claims to cater for the nationalists and the socialists (or more appropriately in German: NAtionale soZIalisten.) I will not go as far as to compare the ANC to the Nazis, but there is one similarity: Like the Nazis destroyed Poland, the ANC created Poleland and that country is called South Africa.

Poleland because the South Africa that Nelson Mandela and the like fought for, is not so visible anymore. Poleland, because nowadays, most people are either on the “us” pole or the “them” pole. Julius Malema, made no secret that he finds himself on a pole when he said that “They are using ubuntu against us” and also when he said “they are using our laws against us.” I thought that South Africa was the land of all who live in it? Does it then not follow that the Constitution and thus the underlying principles and subordinate legislation also applies to all who live in it?

I find a statement that it is “…our laws…” outrageous! It (along with so many other statements made by the ruling party) serves as evidence that it is the aim of the ANC to polarise South Africans. This conclusion begs the question: “why?” This I don’t know… But my guess would have to be, that they need a scapegoat for the failed state that they are in the process of creating…



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