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I Dare to Dream

On 11 September 2007, I made a journal entry which I saw again today and I wondered what happened to the person who wrote this… It was cheesy, but at least is was true!

“11 September 2007

I dare to dream!

I have a new motto, my own:

You haven’t lived until you’ve done good!

I’m going to be the president of South Africa someday! I’ll take my political party to God’s throne and ask the Lord to take us to parliament. This is not a dream of wealth, power, fame and glory, but it would be my ultimate dream of doing good, being realised.

I don’t want to start doing good when I’m president, but now is the time to start! I don’t have material to give, but that’s okay! I have an excuse to give more of myself! Maybe someday I’ll have an obituary… I wouldn’t want it to say that I was good or that I made a change! I would only like for it to say:


South Africa needs God, whether people want to believe it or not!

Today I threw my pearls at swine, when I admitted in class that I want to be the president of our great country! The teacher merely remarked that one is allowed to dream. That’s okay, because I believe in me, Reino believes in me, Yolandi believes in me and most importantly – God believes in me! I know He does, He’s my dad! I try to give off positive energy to keep my dad’s name high! Life is a song, and I happen to know the lyrics! One of the phrases: ‘Daddy loves you,’ is a part that I especially enjoy! I hope that my life is a song to God! I pray that!”

After reading this, one might think that I was naïve… I was! Proudly so! In this journal entry I displayed a sense of a child-like understanding of the world, but even after 4 years and after having done some growing up, I still agree (subject to some tweaks in the areas of structure and grammar and a few specific statements.) I do not (and would not dare) advocate religion as a matter of politics, but I will at least always have my party in my prayers for example.

I also think that the reason, I wanted to post this, is because I want my life back. By that I mean that I don’t want to be a conformist who is too afraid of offending others for holding a belief. I am a christian and that’s final. I am a liberal with a very strong view of politics, deal with it. I cannot be who the world wants me to be, I can only be what I was CREATED to be.



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