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#RuhanFacts Number 16: What I Hate

This is just a rant, nothing more, nothing less… I just want to put it out there!

I hate being late

I hate waiting

I hate orange

I hate sarcasm

I hate repeating myself

I hate repeating myself

I hate incompetence

I hate pasta

I hate soup

I hate fish

I hate tea

I hate shooters

I hate cafe chips

I hate asparagus

I hate peas

I hate ginger

I hate porridge

I hate brown bread

I hate diet cold drink

I hate dark chocolate

I hate grapefruit

I hate watermelon

I hate litchis

I hate full cream milk

I hate Frisco

I hate sweet coffee

I hate flavoured coffee

I hate statistics

I hate accounting

I hate philosophy

I hate the ANC

I hate Malema

I hate the words: “moist”, “succulent” and “juicy” in English

I hate the words: “pantoffel”, “jappon” and “imaginêre” in Afrikaans

I hate Orania

I hate Greek debt

I hate Mugabe

I hate Al-Qaeda

I hate Nationalism

I hate the effects of alcohol

I hate industrial Gauteng

I hate Socialism

I hate Twilight books

I hate restlessness

I hate poor spelling

I hate changing dates

I hate dentists

I hate spiders

I hate insects

I hate being tickled

I hate shouting people

I hate the effect of alcohol

I hate not being able to focus

I hate sensationalism

I hate being angry

I hate low blood sugar

I hate tantrums

I hate children

I hate looking for something

I hate wearing a hat

I hate wearing sunglasses

I hate my dad’s cooking

I hate when the food on my plate touches a different kind of food

I hate the constant bark of a dog

I hate guitars

I hate golf

I hate Indian & Chinese cars

I hate low-budget movies

I hate Paris Hilton

I hate racing games

I hate stupid questions

I hate the use of old place names such as: Czechoslovakia, Burma, Zaire, South-West Africa, Yugoslavia and Rhodesia

I hate when people think Johannesburg is the capital of South Africa

I hate when people say “Korea” when they’re talking about the South

I hate when a place is not a country, because America says so

I hate when politicians are above the law

I hate it when people say “dood verongeluk”

I hate poetry

I hate not having learnt about my culture at school

I hate technology

I hate the All Blacks

I hate people who talk to the TV

I hate people who rub a slot machine

I hate fortune telling

I hate “pick a card, any card”

I hate Leon Schuster movies

I hate die ATKV

I hate rioters

I hate pretentiousness

I hate know-it-alls

I hate people who are too agreeable

I hate people who are always right

I hate faulty logic

I hate people who make a scene

I hate having to rush

I hate being told to shut up

I hate blasphemy

I hate opinion disguised as fact

I hate 99.87% of all made-up stats

I hate almost all of my former teachers

I hate extended family

I hate mediocrity

I hate submissive people

I hate an “oppressed mentality”

I hate being bored

I hate mockery of the poor

I hate double standards

I hate being treated like a child

I hate nostalgia

I hate not being control

I hate uncertainty

I hate people with no ambition

I hate people who are just plain rude

I hate love statuses on Facebook

I hate liars

I hate white lies

I hate having to borrow things

I hate having to be indebted

I hate not knowing an answer

I hate people who hate losing

I hate people who want me to lose even more

I hate when people spell lose as loose

I hate when I make spelling mistakes via typo

I hate not having proper internet

I hate that SA’s GDP is set to grow 3.8% this year

I hate people who are rude to waiters

I hate people who change their opinion too frequently

I hate when people think that my choices are any of their concern

I hate those old ceramic bulldogs

I hate thyme

I hate wearing sunglasses

I hate dry skin

I hate dry hair

I hate having to floss twice a day

I hate making coffee

I hate running errands

I hate standing in line

I hate having bad signal on my phone

I hate when a computer hungs

I hate it chewing gum

I hate lollipops

I hate fruity ice lollies

I hate nuts

I hate it when my surname is pronounced Robertson

I hate it when my name is spelled Ruan

I hate most metal music

I hate all jazz

I hate irresponsible driving

I hate animal cruelty

I hate impotent under-hung men who “need” rhino horns to get laid

I hate it when government says that things have nothing to do with the public

I hate chauvinism

I hate radical feminism

I hate racism

I hate classcism

I hate losing my train of thought

I hate when people think that 2 opposing ideas can be reconciled

I hate clowns

I hate rapists

I hate molesters

I hate murderers

I hate people who cut down forests or random trees

I hate hunters

I hate American English

I hate the smell of spray ‘n cook

I hate grating cheese

I hate showering

I hate unjust decisions

I hate favourable treatment

I hate hearing about rigged elections

I hate that spell checker underlined the word “favourable”

I hate the fact that it had the audacity to underline the word again

I hate when people don’t make room for a grey area

I hate when people lose hope

I hate the fact that this post is so negative

I hope that this has satisfied me to get it all out there and not mention my hates on Twitter or Facebook ever again!



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