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The Art of the Idea

The Art of The Idea Cover

The Art of The Idea Cover

The Art of the Idea and how it can change your life
By John Hunt

The Nelson Mandela Foundation had the following to say about this book: “An original and beautiful book. It suggests that the surest way to liberate ourselves is through the power of our ideas.”

From start to finish, it was a light but brilliant read. John Hunt exposes 20 truths about the way we should be thinking. He also exposes where we go wrong in our thinking.

With the illustrations done by Sam Nhlengethwa, who is an acclaimed painter and collagist, one can only feel more inspired by the sheer artfulness of the book. Expect some illustrations of Jazzy nuns and clowns in suits.

The typography also adds to the idea being conveyed. On page 106 there is a perfectly structured horizontal line, which was probably the most irritating thing I have ever seen! On page 107 there is a chaotic line that sprawls across the page, without structure, but this time, it did not break concentation at all, adding to the idea being conveyed.

The Art of the Idea is one of those books that inspires you to alter the way you think and which helps you identify where you previously went wrong.

After reading this book, I now know to trust my own instincts, to involve others in my decision making process and to know the difference between an idea in its pure form and an idea in its political form.

I would recommend this book to anybody that needs to take organisational decisions or just needs to be creative.

I give this book a solid 7/10



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