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10 Reasons I Dislike Leon Schuster

Leon Schuster

Leon Schuster

I really dislike Leon Schuster, but one should never make such a statement without providing sound intellectual reasons for disliking things or people. Having done extensive research on the topic, I have been able to provide 10 objective reasons. They include in no particular order:

Reason Number 1:

Mamma Jack

Reason Number 2:

Mr. Bones

Reason Number 3:

Mr. Bones 2

Reason Number 4:

Oh Shucks, it’s Schuster!

Reason Number 5:

There’s a Zulu on my stoep

Reason Number 6:

Panic Mechanic

Reason Number 7:


Reason Number 8:

Oh Schucks it’s Schuster 2

Reason Number 9:

Oh Shucks here comes UNTAG!*

Reason Number 10:

Oh Shucks here comes UNTAG!*

*Such a good reason that it counts as 2 reasons



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