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Political ADD

It is February in South Africa. Trade unions and business people gather around their television sets to what the president has to say at his annual State of the Nation Address. The media spends days getting ready for the event and deciding who will report on the ground. Analysts are sucking their thumbs blue and … Continue reading

It’s a Punny World

This one’s for you, Monaco Pun + Lame + Over-Supply of Time = I have a friend named Jordan, whom I lovingly call Dan. Him and I were in trouble with the government. He was still thinking what he should do, but not me, Iran away. I got in my CAR and decided to drive … Continue reading

Eats, Shoots & Leaves

Eats, Shoots & Leaves By Lynne Truss I must say at the outset of this post, that I am totally and utterly fearful of even attempting to write a review on this book. Lynne Truss goes on a stickler crusade and persecutes all enemies of the English written language. I am determined to not be … Continue reading

On #DASO Being 40 Years Ahead of South Africa

DASO Picture In 1972 a picture appeared in a South African magazine called Scope, which was a bit like a “Playboy light.” In this particular picture, a shirtless black man was embracing a white woman. As one would imagine, in South Africa at that time, such a picture was taboo. The Publications Control Board in … Continue reading

10 Reasons I Dislike Leon Schuster

Leon Schuster I really dislike Leon Schuster, but one should never make such a statement without providing sound intellectual reasons for disliking things or people. Having done extensive research on the topic, I have been able to provide 10 objective reasons. They include in no particular order: Reason Number 1: Mamma Jack Reason Number 2: … Continue reading

Architects of Poverty

Architects of Poverty Cover Architects of Poverty By Moeletsi Mbeki Mbeki starts off his book by painting a frank portrait of how post-colonial Africa has had difficulty increasing the socio-economic conditions of its people. He gives statistics of how Africa as a whole has for the most part worsened economically; especially between the 1960’s and … Continue reading

Citizens’ Guide to the Secrecy Bill

I wrote an article to better help the average person understand the effect and impact of the Secrecy Bill. It can be found on the political website known as the Chirproom on this link: Citizens’ Guide to the Secrecy Bill If you try to muzzle a fully conscious dog, you’re gonna lose some fingers; let’s … Continue reading

The Art of the Idea

The Art of The Idea Cover The Art of the Idea and how it can change your life By John Hunt The Nelson Mandela Foundation had the following to say about this book: “An original and beautiful book. It suggests that the surest way to liberate ourselves is through the power of our ideas.” From … Continue reading

Chronicles of an Entomophobe

Parktown Prawn I have opinions about everything, you see. The problem is, there are certain things that one just cannot always rationalise, but one thing is for certain; regardless of whether I can or cannot rationalise my deathly fear of insects, I have opinions… They stem from tales… Tales that are true… Tales I will … Continue reading

The Racist’s Guide to the People of South Africa

Racist’s Guide Cover The Racist’s Guide To The People of South Africa By Simon Kilpatrick The book categorises the races of South Africa into 6 main categories: – Black People (not like isiZulu, isiXhosa and Sesotho – because “white people don’t care”) – White People (English People) – Afrikaners – Indians – Coloureds – Miscellaneous … Continue reading

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