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Political ADD

It is February in South Africa. Trade unions and business people gather around their television sets to what the president has to say at his annual State of the Nation Address. The media spends days getting ready for the event and deciding who will report on the ground. Analysts are sucking their thumbs blue and … Continue reading

On #DASO Being 40 Years Ahead of South Africa

DASO Picture In 1972 a picture appeared in a South African magazine called Scope, which was a bit like a “Playboy light.” In this particular picture, a shirtless black man was embracing a white woman. As one would imagine, in South Africa at that time, such a picture was taboo. The Publications Control Board in … Continue reading

Citizens’ Guide to the Secrecy Bill

I wrote an article to better help the average person understand the effect and impact of the Secrecy Bill. It can be found on the political website known as the Chirproom on this link: Citizens’ Guide to the Secrecy Bill If you try to muzzle a fully conscious dog, you’re gonna lose some fingers; let’s … Continue reading

A National Tragedy of Mine

In recent months the calls for nationalisation of mines in South Africa has been a hot topic of conversation. The capitalists oppose it. The intellectuals oppose it. Lawyers oppose it. Opposition parties oppose it. Many within the ranks of the ANC oppose it. The question is, why do some people keep pressing for this nationalisation? … Continue reading


I was taught that the Republic of South Africa was my home. I remember memorising the provisions of the Freedom Charter (FC) that our governing party so proudly proclaimed. I remember the words in the FC stating very unambiguously “…South Africa is the home of all who live in it…” Does the ANC remember this? … Continue reading

The Colour Orange

Warning!!! This blog post is not for children over the age of 30! I have always hated the colour orange. I hated it with a certain amount of inexplicable dread! I would have liked to erase orange from the planet, if I could and oranges would be called greens or would that make oranges limes? … Continue reading

DA Victories Local Elections 2011

The DA is my party and I just thought it appropriate to boast about some of their victories as they become available: Midvaal: The DA already held this municipality in Gauteng before the 2011 elections and reclaimed victory, despite the ANC’s premature celebrations on election night! Not only that, but the DA also claimed Ward … Continue reading

The Feeling of Democracy

The competent underdog Today is a very important day in the lives of every South African! We have our local elections and we have extremely important decisions to make! On 27 April 1994 millions of previously disenfranchised people streamed to voting stations around the country; for the first time in their lives exercising the most … Continue reading

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